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Why doesn’t Natural Healing always work?

Methods of Natural Healing are often tried by many Endometriosis sufferers. They often see these techniques as a last resort after having tried many other hormonal treatments and medicines provided in Western medicine.

Natural healing works on a principle of healing the body holistically. The process of healing is not focused solely on one problem area but establishing why the body has reacted and then healing all organs and aspects within the body related to the problem. A natural balance exists within the body, one that has been toppled on its side and needs to be restored. Natural healing methods attempt to re-establish this balance and thereby allow the body to heal itself.

When we have been using hormonal treatments and medicines for a long period of time, it takes the body a longer time to regain the balance these natural methods are working on. In some cases it can take up to 6years to restore the balance as XenoOestrogens are present within the body which have created a massive imbalance.

Balance is not restored by simply using one herbal remedy on a daily basis. This is not sufficient. The body needs all elements of healing to be aligned for these remedies to show their true potential.

Alignment occurs when all the following elements work together on a daily basis over a length of time:

I don’t believe natural remedies can work with the drugs and hormone treatments recommended for endometriosis. I believe they contradict each other. Western Medicine attempts to deal with Endometriosis by focusing on the symptoms. They recognise that a high level of Oestrogen is one of them, so they use hormones to reduce the amount of Oestrogen in the body. By mucking around with this, they cause the progesterone levels to drop too, which stop producing Estriol. Estriol is responsible for keeping the Oestrogen levels under control. When we then go off the medication, the body is not able to control the Oestrogen levels and they rise to higher levels, causing more pain than before.

Natural medicine focuses on the specific climate of the body, with which we are trying to heal within first. We need to provide the body with the best fighting chance to heal first and then target specifics with herbal medicines and treatments.


What we eat dramatically helps with Endometriosis. Every food we eat either takes away or gives our body something. We can choose foods that give the body the best anti-oxidants, proteins, calcium and all the ingredients to help boost the body and flush out disease and inflammation. The choice is all what we put in our mouths and educating ourselves on where to get the best for our body!


This one is largely underestimated by many Endo patients. It is VITAL to the process of healing. It will lower EVERY side-effect you have. It will drop off the fat, causing the high Oestrogen in your body. It will create circulation allowing the lymphatic system to expel waste and toxins and it will de-stress you and give emotional balance.

Emotional Release

When we hold emotions, they cause disease. Releasing anger is a common emotion held by Endometriosis sufferers. We can release it through forgiveness or seeing a psychologist. Anger is often associated with pain and resentment. Once this emotion leaves the body, a heaviness is instantly gone.

Lowered Stress

These usually require some lifestyle changes or a better way of dealing with stress. Stress causes a lowered immune system, which is a common theory on why we have Endometriosis in the first place.

Only once all of these are aligned should one attempt natural remedies. In many cases women who take these methods already feel better and don’t need to pursue natural remedies any further.

Natural remedies simply boost the bodies healing ability. Herbs and tinctures are given to encourage specific organs to heal more effectively and faster.

The most common organ which is stimulated is the liver. The liver is responsible for the side-effects we feel as Endometriosis. We boost the liver function with these herbs to help it work better and thereby expel the toxins within the body.

So, if you have attempted natural remedies and feel they haven’t worked, perhaps a deeper understanding has been highlighted through this article.

I don’t believe we stand a fighting chance with any other form of treatment. The body wants to heal itself and it was given all the tools to do so from birth. We have just messed with its natural balance and we should give it back!

[Tweet “When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need!”]

Question: Do you believe it is possible to combine western medicine? Do you disagree with me? or agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Hugs, Melissa x
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