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What Does Your Tongue Indicate about Your Health? Is Your Endometriosis Journey Going Forward or Backwards?

Personally, I am always looking for indicators on how my overall health is going. Sure, we can tell how we feel just by our energy levels but this is so easily influenced by other factors going on in our lives. I know I have heaps more energy when I am excited about doing something, rather than not.

So, I discovered that there is a logical way we can determine how our overall health is doing by looking at our tongue. See, the tongue reflects our overall digestive health and this in itself illustrates a heap of how we feel about our health. I learned at BioGreen.Life that Chinese doctors use this as a means to determine where our imbalances lie and it is super easy to do yourself too!

What you need to do is check your tongue (you might need a torch) while looking in the mirror. To be honest, I just did this and was quite shocked at what the results were.

Here are the symptoms with possible causes:

  • Coated tongue with yellow or white on the back of the tongue. This indicates poor bile excretion and possibly toxic residues in our digestive tract from undigested/fermented foods.
  • Teeth impressions on the sides of the tongue. This indicates weak digestion and poor nutrient absorption from the small intestines.
  • Cracks on the tongue. This indicates a long-term intestinal problem. It starts off with not enough bile excretion, which leads to putrefaction and toxicity in the bowels. Over time this causes the intestinal wall to become hard, develop cracks and lesions. Those very cracks are what are being reflected on our tongue.
  • Pimples or bumps on the tongue’s surface. This indicates poor digestion and the presence of fermented and rotting food in the small and large intestines.
 I don’t know about you but this list really scared me! My tongue is covered in little dots and I have cracks down the middle, along with a white film around some of it!
Well, I decided to get everyone to stick their tongue out at me and discovered that most of us have similar looking elements! Though this is a sad state of how our health is doing, it did make me feel a lot less alone in my tongue/digestion reflection scenario.
So, as usual, I decided to do some exploring on how we can help the bile production, thereby the fat breakdown of foods and thereby help our digestion.
Here are the herbs and tinctures that I discovered—many of which you may recognize on my site already.
  • Dandelion Root – incredible healing properties and brilliant at stimulating bile production.
  • Turmeric – I have written a few articles on turmeric too.
  • Rosemary (a new one to explore!) – this one also eases spasms that occur in the bile ducts and aids in fat digestion. Perhaps we should try making a rosemary tea?
  • Bupleurum – this is a Chinese remedy for our livers and I absolutely love it! I have heard it being recommended in various different books and websites.
  • Dark green vegetables. You know the stuff that tastes really bitter? That is exactly what we need to stimulate bile. So, bring on the green, bitter stuff.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like discovering that my digestive system is fermenting away with nasty leftover foods! I plan on doing a digestive cleanse in the next few weeks. It is according to The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates and though it is fairly strict, I am keen to get my digestive system working properly!
I will keep you posted on when exactly I plan on doing it and you are welcome to join me… just leave a comment below and let me know 🙂
What did your tongue reveal about your health? Did it scare you to take action? Do something? Wanna join me in a few weeks?


Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Thanks Liz. Not considered Hydrogen Peroxide… always sounded a little scary 🙂
    What is in the Livatone product?

  2. Liz

    I have the same thing, Melissa….and I already know my liver isn’t operating properly. I’m taking a natural liver tonic called LIVATONE, as well as a digestive enzyme which is helping big time. I also gargle with Hydrogen Peroxide after I brush my teeth and my tongue has changed considerably. (What’s really weird is feeling the Hydrogen Peroxide bubbling all over my tongue….LOL) I think more people have liver problems that not these days, simply because our diet and environment is so toxic. Good article!! 🙂

  3. Beth

    Ew, I have 3 out of those 4 problems, gross. My ND always looks at my tongue and seemed to be able to tell tons about what I am eating and how I am feeling based on it. I had always wondered what he was looking for exactly. Now I know… and am freaking out. I thought 1 desert the other day wasn’t going to kill me, but maybe it’s worse than I thought. What about white filmy stuff in the middle or towards the front of the tongue? Do you know what that means? Thanks for the detailed info about this. I will keep trying. On the positive side, my last cycle was the least painful period I have had in about 5 years, so at least something must be helping finally between all the herbs the ND gave me, a stricter diet, and some of your advice. Thanks Mel!

  4. Melissa

    That is good! I was really worried there! All that work in going raw 🙂
    Love the sound of that herbal remedy…. will check it out more. Thanks Benita!

  5. laura west kong

    Interesting. I was seeing a DO for gluten and other food intolerances and he sometimes checked my tongue. It seemed to tell him things, but I never knew what they were.

  6. benita

    Panic over. 🙂
    I have asked the doctor at the clinic and he said that is due to cleansing of the liver and will go away. Btw I am taking an Ayurvedic herbal remedy for liver cleansing which seems to cover quite a few endo problems . It’s called Kutkin (Picrorhiza Kurroa) here’s one of the links I found about it.


  7. benita

    Hi Melissa ,

    I have just read you post feeling all smug that my tongue has been clean for a while now after all the fresh greens I have been eating. I went to look at it again just to confirm what a good girl I have been and had one of those moments when you just can’t believe your eyes. I had yellow coating almost all over and spots at the back…I am in deep shock….
    Well, I have been aware of the tongue thing for quite some time now because I was still in UK when there were “You are what you eat” series by dr. Gillian Mckeith showing on tv. (Look her up and her books as there are lots of interesting facts like that even on your nails etc.)
    I have had white coating and a line down the middle of my tongue for years until I went raw and then it got all pinky and clean. For the last two weeks I have been taking Ayurvedic cleansing herbs and also had to eat cooked food as I am at the clinic. I am also drinking ghee and hardly eating any greens. They have told me that I don’t need to drink any more water then what I am used to (which btw I still don’t drink enough of) .

    So what is the reason, I have never had yellow coating before nor the spots ???

    Two litres of water for me today I think just for start so we’ll see. And a lot more research on that also.
    Thank you for the post. As always, it came just at the right moment. I was so sure I have nailed that one i didn’t even think about it any more.

    Take care B x

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