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The one major downfall of Natural Healing for Endometriosis

You have unbelievable pain. It sits in your abdomen and is literally screaming at you. It tightens every time you move and somehow it doesn’t seem to make a difference what you do, it doesn’t seem to want to ease. You try breathing, calming down and lying down. Nothing works and so…. you reach for something that you can trust. These little things have become your friends during these times as quite simply put…. they give you instant results. They are painkillers. Sometimes in the form of tablets, Nurofen or headache tablets. Sometimes, when things get really bad they get stronger and stronger. Suppositories are a last resort. Point is, you know you can rely on these drugs to work. They work on that simple level: they take away the pain and here is the important part: IT IS INSTANT!

The major problem I find with natural healing is that you don’t actually know which supplements or treatments are really working. You can’t be sure the body is absorbing the foods or herbs you are giving it or if they are having a positive effect. There is simply no instant form of measurement. Not like drugs. You take them and the pain is gone. When you take natural supplements, herbs, eat well, exercise etc, you have no definite form of measure. It is not scientific. There are too many variables and most importantly it is not instant. Some herbs work within a few months, while others might take 6-9months to show their effect.

I see this as a downfall because unfortunately, it means women who are taking all the hormonal treatments and drugs, just don’t believe they could possibly work. They can’t go off all the hormonal treatments and drugs and get instant results. The body needs to find it’s the natural place of balance before it could even start to heal the damage that has been done with these drugs and hormonal treatments. Unfortunately, many women just don’t want to wait or endure that “balance time”.

So, the biggest downfall would have to be time. Time to allow natural treatments to work.

I know when I compare myself now to how I was a year ago, it is quite dramatic. I can’t believe how little pain I have and how little my Endometriosis actually controls my life.

I wish so hard that more women would turn to natural healing for Endometriosis. I wish I could show them, that no matter how bad things are, there is a way forward and you can heal the body. It does take time and it does take patience and trust in your body but it can be done. If only I could take each one of you by the hand and work with them to show them how…..perhaps I need to write a book 🙂

One saving grace we have with Endometriosis is the measure we have each and every month. Every time we ovulate, it proves if things are getting better or worse. Every time we have our period, we get heaps of signs if things are improving or not. This is great! Imagine not having any form of measure for months and months? At least with Endometriosis we can see the results in that monthly cycle 🙂

How long have you been on natural treatments? How long did it take you to get results or improvements? What is your experience been and what did you try that gave you faster results? Would love to hear more so we can encourage more women to go natural!


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Hi Nicole and welcome to my site. My sisters name is also Nicole 🙂
    I know it feels unfair when you have been treating your body well and still get endo! Unfortunately, endo is also closely linked to our emotional healing and stuff we may have burried inside. Check out Emotional Freedom Technique and maybe explore more of the inner healing techniques. Also, I have been reading a cool book Deepak Chopra called Perfect Health all about the Indian methods of healing which really opened my eyes to our personality and how we heal. Check out these articles and hopefully they will help:
    The other factor to consider is that eventhoug you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet, you may stil be accumulating toxins in the body. The first step to healing should always be to remove any toxins you have in your body – remove mercury fillings, solve any gum problems. The best way to do this is to focus on the lymphatic system. You can get lymphatic drainage massages or take herbs to flush out toxins. I have also written a few articles on toxin release:
    I am planning on writing heaps more about detoxing so hopefully you have signed up for my newsletter and you will get those too 🙂
    Let me know how you go and if anything has worked or helped you. Half the battle is to keep searching and trying things. You have certainly come to the right place as I am adament about finding the answers 🙂

  2. Nicole

    What does one do when diagnosed with severe endo and a recurring endometrioma and is a vegan (just a lot of veggies and some fruit), fit, meditates, does organic, low sugar, little or no alcohol, no smoking. And been doing this for years. Now what?

  3. Melissa

    Thank you Madhumita! That is so sweet! I will do my best to create a book over the next few months. 🙂 I will even let you have a copy for free when it is out!

  4. madhumita

    Melissa! you really should get down to write a book… trust us.. you give us all a lot of hope and the perseverance to keep going the natural way even when things really look down.. there is this strange thing I have seen in many endo groups and websites… although women and thier partners are ranting about how horrible the cycle of hormonal pills, coils and surgeries are.. they refuse to get interested in learning the root cause of thier illness and clues to thier healing.. even for the people who do try homeopathy or naturopathy.. it is usually for a few months.. they get disillusioned about not getting ‘instant results’ as you put it.. and keep it aside.. I think if a book written by someone as lovely and engaged as you reaches all endo people.. it will make a huge difference.. all the best!

  5. Melissa

    That is sooo funny! I actually had a bowl of ice-cream tonight and boy have I only noticed the difference. I felt instantly nauseous, then the pain started and now I just fill ill! Wow! Who would’ve thought? Just a small bowl of ice-cream could have such an effect! That’ll teach me hey?
    Thanks for sharing – really great info!

  6. Ann-Marie

    So true, it is easier just to take a painkiller & I don’t beat myself up about the fact that when I have my period I reach for them, otherwise I just cudn’t sleep or go to work for those 1st few days! I’ve been eating better, taking supplements & herbal mixtures now with 5months, the endo pain has improved without a doubt, as too has the ovarian cyst pain, I reckon I still have them but they’re not causing as much bother so that’s all I care about, I tend to hurt now during ovulation only – that’s if I follow my diet, if I eat the wrong thing my endo flares up for the day, so I’ve learned to respect it as best I can. For me the worst food items are dairy (especially ice cream), wheat, caffeine & refined sugar.
    So in a nutshell I’ve gone from taking some mild painkiller practically EVERY day to taking a few neurofen only when menstruating. After Mel’s recent blog I’ve started drinking camomile tea & I’m shocked at how soothing it is!
    All in all I’m delighted with my progress thus far, I also love the fact that I have no false hormones in my body, no depo, no pill, nothing! I’m all natural & that in itself feels great! things can only get better the direction I’m going – I wud encourage you to give it a go, you’ve nothing to lose, eating is all habit at the end of the day & when you see the improvement in yourself you’ll just not want that ice cream!! 🙂

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