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The 10 Things Endo Empowered Women Know about Endometriosis and You Should Too!


It’s amazing to me that I now have 3000 women following my work and recognizing the importance of using this natural and holistic approach to successfully manage Endometriosis.

So, what do Endo Empowered women know?

1.There is always a solution

No matter what you are going through or what symptoms you are experiencing, there is a solution, which can support your body and help it feel better. I must admit, some of them take a little bit more digging but ultimately, there are answers accessible for us.

2. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for you

I have gotten super excited about many supplements and herbs over the years but also sadly realized that not all of them had the same response for all my clients. We are all different and we need to figure out the things that work for us.

3. If one thing doesn’t work, something else will

The awesome thing with natural approaches is that there are many ways to achieve the same result! So, just because something doesn’t work for you, there is likely another way to try achieve the same result. For instance, some women had great results with Maca or progesterone cream but not all of you did. The cool thing is there are other herbs and ways we can regulate our hormones without using these tools. Try these: Damiana Tea, Liver Herbs

4. We don’t give up easily

We know that achieving health is an adventure and we just gotta keep trying different things to find something that works for us. Sure, we have our days when it all seems too hard but ultimately we pull ourselves up again and keep searching for answers… Try the search button!

5. We turn bad things into good things

Endometriosis is certainly not an easy condition to deal with but ultimately, crying about it daily isn’t going to get us anywhere. So, we make the most of the good days and recognizing all the beautiful things it has taught us along the way: compassion, gratitude and the unity one can feel with other women.

6. We know that looking after ourselves is key

Those days when you just “can’t be bothered” and decide to just eat rubbish and push yourself through the day are just a faint memory to you now. You know that to feel better it takes looking after yourself: good foods, happy thoughts and making sure you love and care for yourself on every level.

7. We LOVE having control over our health and how we feel

Gone are the days of being so deeply reliant on doctors and hospitals. We know that we can find answers for ourselves and will research any suggestions and really recognize if it will help our bodies in that moment.

8. It’s not about blame but responsibility

We can get angry at ourselves or the world but ultimately, it doesn’t resolve anything. What we need to do is take responsibility for our decisions and move forward, in whichever way that truly aligns with ourselves and our desire for real health.

9. We are a resourceful bunch!

The things we will do to get something!!! Be it sending something across the world to get it or asking people at a college if they know someone who can help… we will do whatever it takes to find it! We will grow it, sprout it or make it ourselves but somehow or other, we will find a way!

10. We are in this together

No matter what we are doing or how hard this all seems, we are in this together and will support each other to get better! It is so wonderful to be the creator of such a beautiful, caring and supportive community of women. You are my Endo Empowered.


Do you want to get more Endo Empowered? Do you wish you felt some of these things? Sign up to my newsletter and discover the REACH Technique today.

Hugs, Melissa x
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