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Testing: Why I Am Sticking an Oily Tampon up My Vagina?

Pregnancy with endometriosis

Here is my thinking….

The vagina is a very absorbent part of our bodies. We know this because when we wear bleached cotton tampons or pads, we know that they get absorbed by the very delicate cells within the vagina wall. (Onderdonk 1987)

This is why I always advocate being careful what products we use near our sensitive vagina. This includes any douches, lubricants, partners and of course tampons or pads!

Most of the time, we consider our vagina and focus on all the things we want to avoid getting near it. However, I decided that perhaps my vagina was also a way to allow positive things into it. A super absorbent space, closer to endometriosis. It is certainly closer than my stomach or digestive system!

A few considerations about my vagina:

  • It is super sensitive and super soft. I need to make sure that whatever I put up there is not going to burn or cause unnecessary scraping to those sensitive cells.
  • I need to choose the medium of transport very carefully, in other words… the tampon. It needs to be 100% organic, non-bleached and safe, to ensure I am not actually adding more toxins into my vagina.
  • I need to ensure the tampon glides in easily to avoid any pain or discomfort.

Initially I was thinking of conducting my experiment during my period but the thought of sticking a tampon up there, when my body is trying to expel its lining, just doesn’t make sense to me.

I decided to wait and try the experiment in the week following ovulation, the time when it is preparing a new lining and would thereby absorb whatever was in the area to prepare for those cells.

What did I decide to stick up my vagina?

Most of the research I read on the subject used a variety of oils but many of them were estrogenic, like sage and lavender. I decided to focus on oils that were known in history for their anti-bacterial and immune supporting qualities. These are oils which are seen as sacred and many were used as a form of currency. I also made sure they were safe on really sensitive skin and didn’t mention anything about being irritating to a mucous membrane (which is what the vaginal wall is).

These were the oils I researched and what properties they provide:

Sacred Frankincense (Boswelia sacra)

This is an anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral and immune-stimulating oil. It is also known to reduce pain and create a calming effect on the body and mind. (Higley 1998)

“It contains sesquieterpenes, enabling it to go beyond the blood-brain barrier. It may also help oxygenate the pineal and pituitary gland.” – from the book (Higley 1998)

What this illustrates to me is that frankincense may help regulate our hormone release and production. It would also help support the immune function (definite link with Endometriosis) and of course help calm the inflammatory response.

Myrrh (Commiphora murrha)

I purposely selected this oil due to its long history within the Bible and Greek mythology. It illustrates its amazing value and yes, this is the one that was used as a form of currency and was a highly desired gift.

What I particularly love about this oil is that it has abilities to reduce candida growth, reduces excess mucus in the body and works on many infection-type conditions like mouth ulcers, fungal infections, gingivitis and ringworm.

The primary uses have been focused on allergies, chapped/cracked skin, Hashimoto’s Disease as well as hyperthyroidism, inflammation and ulcers. (Higley 1998)

This indicates to me that this oil would be quite powerful and yet gentle enough to use in the vagina. There are links with Endometriosis and candida, which makes this a great oil to combat candida overgrowth. Read this article for more about candida.

Steps for Preparation

I chose these oils wisely, as I didn’t want to be burning my poor vagina with this experiment. I also know that individual drops of oils are incredibly powerful and have personally seen how oils can eat through plastic.

I decided that the oil quantities needed to be very small for this reason. I also needed to make sure that I didn’t scrape the vaginal wall, as I pushed the tampon iUntitledn and used my favorite lubricant to create super easy suppositories.

So, this is how I got to make oily tampons—vaginal suppositories:

1. Get an organic cotton tampon.

2. Pour 1/4 of a cup of melted coconut oil into a bowl. I melted the oil by placing the small bowl into a bigger bowl of boiling water. (see image)

3. Put 4 drops of each oil in the coconut oil.

4. Soak the tampon in the oil mixture.

5. Place the tampon in the fridge, to allow the coconut oil to harden and solidify.


To use:

I would wait a few minutes to allow the coconut oil to come back to room temperature, otherwise it is really cold! I have found that the tampon glides in really easily with the coconut oil.

I would use them at night, before you go to bed and allow the oils to be absorbed overnight. Make sure you shower beforehand and keep the area nice and clean. Tampon strings are one of the most unhygienic things ever!

Personally, I am trying this for 7 nights, just after ovulation, allowing me to test the results before my monthly.

Things I’ve heard:

I have heard all sorts of interesting things about using frankincense for the body, including a friend of mine who was diagnosed with a 4cm cyst on her left ovary. She used the frankinscence suppository for 2 weeks and managed to shrink her cyst completely. She had made the appointment with her gynecologist before and after, so it was definite proof.

I am going to be experimenting with this idea for 7 days and will see if I notice anything significant happening.

I really like the idea of creating suppositories and using our vagina as a way to absorb positive things into the body. Unfortunately our digestive health can often be unreliable and I have often questioned whether all those supplements are in fact going where they need to go sometimes!

So, if you are game, you can try this experiment with me.



Update July 2016:

I personally used the suppository tampons for 1 week and following it, my monthly was incredibly easy and “clean”. I also recommended this idea to a number of Endo Empowered sisters who also found amazing results. Many women indicated that their cysts shrunk – with a proven ultrasound. It really makes perfect sense that this would work.

Try it for yourself and measure your results!


Higley, C., & Higley, A. (1998). Reference Guide for Essential Oils. Abundant Health.
Onderdonk, A. B., Zamarchi, G. R., Rodriguez, M. L., Hirsch, M. L., Muñoz, A., & Kass, E. H. (1987). Quantitative assessment of vaginal microflora during use of tampons of various compositions. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 53(12), 2774–2778.

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 57 Comments

  1. Melissa

    I wouldn’t recommend it. It is very strong.

  2. Jody

    Could you use castor oil internally? Instead of coconut oil or in addition to it?

  3. Melissa

    It was very effective and many women experienced shrinkage in the cysts from trying this too. Highly recommend 🙂

  4. Liz

    What is DIM?

  5. Anonymous

    What coconut oil did you use?

  6. Melissa

    You could but the vagina is a better area to get the absorption into the uterus.

  7. Madalina

    I heard of a prescription with the same essential oils made suppositories and applied intrarectally. Will it be equally effective?

  8. Melissa

    Anything applied to the surface area of the vagina gets absorbed. This is why it is so important that we use organic cotton tampons and products. It will absorb through the cells 🙂

  9. Susan

    Yes, I would like to know how you got the oils inside and keep them there. what is the suppository?

  10. Sue

    I’m very interested in how you got the oils inside and how keep them there? What is the suppository you used?

  11. Susan

    This suppository idea sounds good, but I don’t understand how any oils in the tampon would ever come out into the vagina. It just seems like they would stay in that superabsorbant tampon! I’m interested in knowing because I have cancerous nodules in my vagina and I would like them gone!

  12. Mary

    Does this work when applied topically to the abdomen? I’m weary about putting essential oils (even diluted and in a carrier) up my vagina and tampons of any kind always cause me issues

  13. Mildred

    Hi I need your recipe, not much info for adenomyosis, I got hopes reading your comment!

  14. Melissa

    That is awesome Kassie!

  15. Liora

    Hey Laurie, I have heard of so many great results from using Frankincense oil for cysts!! 🙂

  16. Liora

    Frankincense oil is AMAZING for cysts!!

  17. Liora

    Hi Tricia, I would recommend Young Living brand 100%. Other brands are often diluted and chemically distilled making internal use very dangerous.

  18. Liora

    Hey Alli, Make sure to use only Therapeutic grade EO! I highly recommend Young Living brand.

  19. Brooke

    Hi Melissa 😀 Thanks as always for the great advice! I’d never even heard this was a thing. I’m excited to see if it helps me. Is this something you should only do for 7 days before/around ovulation? How often and for how long should you do this for benefits? (ie every night would be a bit much but is 7 days a month worthwhile?

  20. Kassie

    I got a 6 cm cyst down to a cm in two months taking DIM that doesn’t contain soy, and doing castor oil packs and a heating pad daily. Along with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar a day. Organic with the mother.

  21. Sasha by

    Hi Melissa,thanks for sharing your experience and empowering other women who are dealing with cyst issue.i have a question to ask you,does your friend who has 4cm cyst,is it a dermoid complex cyst or water filled cyst?I really need to know.i have a dermoid ovarian cyst, I trying everything to get rid off it.i completely changed my diet , candida cleanse etc.can we take Frankensence, myrrh internally also?what about charcoal tampons?do you know something about this? please guide me.

  22. Melissa

    Fabulous Fae! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  23. Fatima Fae

    Hi Mel I did this last year June after being diagnosed with Adenomyosis but instead of using tampons created my own suppositories instead with cold pressed virgin coconut oil , franckinsense , myhrr and rose damascene used for 4 months and mri came back clear . The 3 oils combined worked very well that now i even use it topically after a shower and i find it helps ease muscle and joint pains as well as fatigue and helps with digestion too.

  24. Endo sister

    Did you do this monthly? I’ve already got my oils and tampons waiting for o day then will try it for the week..!

  25. Melissa

    Yes Katie. I would definitely try it and before ovulation would be good. Frankinscence is one of the most safest oils you can use.

  26. Katie

    Hi Melissa, Would you still try this if trying to get pregnant? Maybe try it before ovulation instead? Doctors are insisting I get surgery on both ovaries; I have two cysts, around 4 & 6cm. I was pregnant but lost the pregnancy. One reason why I want surgery is so they can biopsy the cysts and confirm that it is not ovarian cancer….dr said no guarantees but after many ultrasounds feels it is endo. Thanks, Katis

  27. Laurie

    Hi, any good results?? I just got diagnosed today and am considering doing this.


  28. Johanne

    Hi, I would love to know how did it go for you. I have an endometriosis cyst that I have to shrink otherwise I will have to get surgery.

  29. Erika

    I use only Young Living Essential Oils. I have tried most of the brands out there and YL far exceeds the quality of the others. I have now been to one of their farms and have seen their whole process in which they produce oil with nothing added to it. The brand matters. You are welcome to check them out here: http://yl.pe/329q, or visit my website: erikalovesoils.wordpress.com. I am excited to try this for my ovarian cyst. I am hopeful for quick positive results!

  30. mandi

    Melissa, I was wondering if you had completed your test? I am interested to know the final outcome?

  31. Kristeen

    Hi, I have 2 2.5 cm complex cysts on my right ovary. I started using the soaked tampons 2 days ago but I’m using frankincense,geranium, and cypress with grapeseed oil.should I just be using Frankincense? Thanks

  32. Flavia

    Right! Day 1 for me. Let’s see what happens. I have big cysts and endometriomas I would like to reduce! How long shall I do this for? Is it advisable to repeat in my next couple of cycles? Thanks for your help x

  33. Leah

    Do not put anything in your body that notes “not for internal use”. It is very dangerous to buy essential oils off of amazon as resellers can dilute or add chemicals. Young Living Essential oils are 100% grade A oils which means there are zero chemicals or pollutants. To find out more check out their “Seed to Seal Promise”. You can so purchase via bit.ly/onehappyoiler

  34. alli

    I asked about reducing the coconut amount because I’m on day 4 and when I made my 7 days worth I had a lot left over. I’ve just been rubbing that on my abdomen once a day for extra benefits. But also since my cyst is bigger than a fist I was thinking maybe a little more stronger concoction would be more beneficial.???.

  35. alli

    What if you used half the amount of coconut oil and did it for 14 days? I have a 8x10cm cyst in one ovary. Could it be done monthly or only one month? Just curious. Also do you use a specific brand of EO? Interested to see if one brand works better than another. I’ve done my own personal research on this and again just curious 😉

  36. Sharon

    Not all essential oils can be ingested regardless of where you purchase them from. The term therapeutic EO was made up by Young Essential Oils and is in no way an industry standard…in essence it means nothing. The reason most EO’s say do not ingest is because they need to be diluted first but again not all oils can be consumed internally. You should always consult a professional before ingesting.

  37. Tracey

    Before using the oil did you perform a skin test?

  38. Melissa

    It is really good. I definitely had an easier period with trying this. I have had great feedback from other woman! Give it a go for yourself 🙂

  39. LR

    I notice the comments after your post start on 4/8/15 and today is 11/13/15. By now, you must have conducted the experiment and have some results. Can you share the outcome?

  40. Anonymous

    Lots of you are getting oils that say can’t be used internally. I use Young Living Essential Oils. They are Seed to Seal guaranteed and CAN BE ingested and used internally. They are 100% therapeutic grade and myself and my friends and family that have used them have seen amazing results. youngliving.com is the website. You can purchase retail or sign up under someone and get wholesale price. They are not guaranteed if you get them off of Amazon. I do however by my fractionated coconut oil off Amazon

  41. Melissa

    Hi Neille, Endrometriomas are known to be more challenging to shrink but I would certainly try it. I don’t believe everything doctors say anymore as I have seen too many cases where women have had success with trying things by themselves and they have worked!
    Well done on making the dietary changes 🙂

  42. Neille

    Hello Melissa,

    I have specifically an 8cm “endometrioma” on my left ovary, and two more smaller on my right, and my doctors told me “they do not shrink”. It has been there for over two years, and grew 1cm over the last year. I follow a strict diet now to keep it from getting bigger, and I use frankincense externally on my abdomen, but have never inserted it internally. Your friend had a 4cm cyst, but do you know specifically if it was an endometrioma? Thanks!

  43. Melissa

    Yes, for sure. I would recommend it definitely for yeast infections 🙂

  44. Melissa

    They mean, internally like swallowing the oil through your mouth. A few drops mixed in with coconut oil is different and quite diluted. As long as it is diluted within a carrier oil, it is fine as a suppository.

  45. Tricia

    Hey everyone,

    Any advice on brand to use? I still have yet to find one that says it can be used internally….

  46. heidi

    Hi Melissa,
    Would it be ok to do just coconut oil to start? and do you think that would be good for when you have a case of the dreaded yeast infection???

  47. Tricia

    I bought Aviano organic Frankincense essential oil off Amazon and am awaiting for the myrrh. My one concern is in small print it says “not for internal use”.

    What do you think about that?

    On my cycle now…trying castor oil for the first time as I type!

    I am determined to shrink these cysts. grrrrr!

  48. AB

    Hello! My doctor has diagnosed me with multiple ovarian cysts, with possible endo. She recommended surgery and I’d rather try anything I can before that! How did this treatment work for you? Thanks!

  49. Yvette d.

    Oh. This sounds like a lovely idea. I have been suffering with endo pain for a while now. They gynos I’ve been to seem to think it’s all in my head. With grapefruit sized cysts and inflammation and back breaking pain everyday… I don’t think so. I knew I liked myrrh for some reason. I’m definitely going to try this thanks!

  50. Melissa

    Thank you Peggy. Great to get a professional opinion on this 🙂

  51. Peggy Finston MD

    I have respiratory and rapid heart-rate issues which have responded well to essential oil rectal suppositories. I like your idea of vaginal insertion for endometriosis. I think that might also be valuable for pelvic pain and blood stasis from other causes . Most diseases involve inflammation, mucous and fibrosis. Striking how insertion at one end of the body can lead to profound benefits for the other, meaning the head. The oils you listed are calming and this should support the body’s effort to heal.

  52. Melissa

    Thanks Debora,
    I am still experimenting at this stage but will keep you posted on it 🙂

  53. Debora

    I think this is a good idea. Some years ago, my Gyno prescribed me tablets but I had not taken orally. Just as you think, because the vagina absorbs very quickly and the passage of material is directed into the blood, I had to use them as vaginal suppositories. I think it’s much better absorb and natural substances that help effectively for endometriosis. Although they were medicines however, had reached the goal of absorbing substances without going through the digestive system. So, without risking damage or absorb in a bad way or insufficient amount necessary properties. This is to say that the principle you think is very effective! I’m very curios and I’ll be waiting your news!

  54. CB

    This is really interesting. I first came across this idea about a year ago and was only thinking of it again a couple of days ago. I’m really glad to hear you are trying this out and I intend to have a go too. Frankincense is a fascinating oil.

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