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What goes in, must come out! Why I am realising that a good detox is the only way to really cure Endometriosis!

I listened to a really interesting talk today about plastics. It was an audio by Daniel Vitalis on the David Wolfe’s Membership Forum. In it he describes how many of the common plastics we have in our lives contain Xenoestrogens, which he illustrates as directly affecting our hormones. It is said that these Xenoestrogens actually increase the female hormone levels in our body, resulting in the various female related conditions in women and also many prostate conditions in men. Now, these plastics are everywhere and it is inevitable that we will be consuming some level of them in our foods, drinks and daily lives as we are simply surrounded by plastics.

It then got me thinking about all the other toxins we are indirectly exposed to, perhaps without even realising it. Think about it…. air-conditioners, car pollution, the water we drink, the skin cream we might use, even just sitting in front of the television is exposing us to something! Ahhhhh scary thought! Thing is, this is reality and unless we go and live on a deserted island for the rest of our lives, we are inevitably going to be exposed to toxins. – so I am not going to stress about that one too much!

The biggest toxins we have however exposed and ingested into our bodies is, what we have been eating. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t eaten this well before ….ever! I always looked at people who ate healthy as boring and silly and hey, I was young and I could eat whatever I wanted! So, I did. I ate anything and everything, without any consideration of what those chemicals and ingredients might be doing to my body. When I was growing up, I ate what my mom presented to me on a plate and though much of it was low in fat, it certainly was far from being nutrient rich and health focused.

Things are different now. My motivation is not to be thin or to run a marathon or just to look good. My mission is to heal this body.

I know that eating healthy is helping. There is no doubt that it is as my symptoms have dramatically improved. I know that it subdues all those symptoms of pain, inflammation, headaches, nausea, poor digestion etc etc…..however it is only helping. Why?

Well, think about it this way. I have only been eating this super healthy way for about a year now. Initially, I cut back on dairy, sugar and meat. The last year I finally cut out gluten (for real!) and only recently have I actually grasped the concept of superfoods and GIVING for the body, rather than just abstaining from those “bad” foods.

Here’s the thing. Over years and years and years, I have been throwing in all these nasty toxins and nasty foods into my body. They are likely to still be there. They don’t just disappear because I am now “eating better”. Yes, I know my body is working better at flushing them out and all of that BUT…..they are still in there, creating imbalances and creating havoc. It is kinda like covering over a stain on a white tablecloth with a cup holder or tea cosy. The stain is still there and what we really need to do is take it off the table and throw the whole thing in the wash!

Why do I say this?

Firstly, the toxin intake doesn’t end. It is not like we can suddenly stop the inflow of toxins coming in. Yes, we can minimise and eat better to reduce them but inevitably they are still there, through our environment, what we eat and even how we feel. So, though the pile of work to detox for the liver might be getting less, there is still a pile of work coming in.

Secondly, I am still getting signals of toxicity in my liver. I still have allergies. I still have skin break-outs and I still have pain and most importantly…..I still have Endometriosis.

To me, it is quite simple. I need a clean start. The same way, we might feel we have a clean start by going in for a Laparoscopy, the same way I feel about cleaning out toxins in my body. They need to be cleaned out, flushed out…. in same way, so I can start fresh and really give my body a chance to catch up. Once all that yucky stuff is out, then maybe my poor liver will actually stand a chance of really healing. At the moment, the poor thing is still inundated with work from dealing with stuff in the past and of course all the stuff still coming in.


I wish I didn’t have to go down the track of doing a detox….but inevitably it is something I know I must do for the love of my body and my healing. I know this journey has taken me quite far but I feel this is a mountain I really have to climb, to really see the true direction to healing myself of Endometriosis.

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Hi Belinda.
    Valid points on the plastics and pesticides – hence going organic where we can!
    There is a difference between xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens occur in plants and are normal. The ones in oils are phytoestrogens and are not toxic like xenoestrogens.We should however still avoid excess quantities of phytoestrogens – especially those often prescribed by Naturopaths like Soy, Red Clover etc.

    The Gabriel method sounds interesting. I am doing a massive detox this week – I will keep you posted on the outcome! Glad it helped you lose weight -totally right on the weight storing dioxins 🙂

  2. Belinda

    Xenoestrogens…. nasty stuff. They are everywhere, even in plastics such as the chemical BPA which is found in food containers & baby bottles. Many plastics manufacturers now are phasing out BPA because of the chemical leaching into food & water.

    Even some pesticides and agricultural chemicals are known xenoestrogens but giant companies like Monsanto continue to use them, its amazing how the US government bends to Monsanto’s will and allows “acceptable levels” of these toxins into food sources.

    Some essential oils can have xenoestrogenic properties – two in particular are Lavender and Tea Tree oils. I avoid any cleaning and body products that contain either of these oils now.

    As a sufferer of PCOS and Endo, I had to do alot of research online and that is how I learned so much about Xenoestrogens. Unfortunately for me, the more toxins my body takes in, the more weight I gain to store the toxins. I started following “The Gabriel Method” which helped my body go through a detox on its own, just by adding lots of protein, Omega 3’s and “live food” – fruit, veg, nuts, seeds. The weight started falling off and my body went through what can only be described as a “toxic dump”. I must get back into the Gabriel Method again as it was the only non-diet way of losing weight that worked for me.

  3. Melissa

    Propolis is fabulous! Love it! Glad you went off gluten. That is fabulous and glad it is helping so much!
    I am looking at doing a Colonic, which basically means flushing out the bowels. Lets see what I find out….

  4. olga

    Hello Melissa,

    I read you article… What are your thoughts on Propolis? I am taking it and it really helps my immune system a whole lot!

    I went off gluten and i see a big change in my body as well.

    What kind of cleanse / detox are thinking of doing???

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