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How to Flush Out and Protect Your Body from Mercury and Chemical Toxins

Pregnancy with endometriosis

No matter how diligent we are at avoiding poisons and toxins, it is inevitable that our bodies will still be absorbing them through our environment and the foods that we eat. Even if we have managed to avoid them 80% of the time, we are likely to still have the old ones sitting in there, from the days prior to being aware of those nasty buggers!

Mercury is one of the most poisonous substances to man and many of us still have this stuff sitting in our mouths! If you haven’t already done so, it is vital that you have your amalgam fillings replaced. Check out this video I did while visiting my dentist.

Unfortunately, there are many chemicals in our environment that are simply going to be there, no matter what we do. Mercury has found its way into our oceans, which then gets eaten by our fish. We then eat this fish and it inevitably means we absorb some levels of mercury in the process.

Check out these interesting websites/articles:

The thing is, it is almost impossible to avoid them getting into our bodies, so the best we can do is give the body the right tools to flush them out.

When you go to the hospital for any kind of chemical poisoning, the first thing they are likely to suggest is charcoal. Charcoal is a type of clay, which binds itself to the type of chemical, making it easier for us to then flush out the chemical along with the charcoal through the bowels.

The best options therefore are to incorporate some kind of clay type of products into your diet. It has been known that for centuries, eating clay was a great protector for the body. In previous cultures, women would often eat clay while they were pregnant to protect their child.

One of the most readily available products is one called ZeoLite.

Here is a list of benefits on Zeolite: it…

  • Removes heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead and aluminium;
  • Helps remove pesticides, herbicides and furans;
  • Aids the liver to break down toxins by bringing them back into a water soluble form. (toxins are often in an oil-based medium, making it harder for the liver to break them down); and
  • Flushes out xenoestrogens from our bodies, which relieves the excess estrogenic activity with our hormones.

I have found there to be various types of companies that now sell Zeolite and it is important to buy a good quality brand as products are often watered down or are simply not in as high a concentration to really get the benefits.

I have been using Zeolite for the last month and have actually noticed an improvement. I have more energy when I take it and somehow feel more clear-headed…

If you have been on the contraceptive pill for a few years or have just had your mercury fillings removed, then this is perfect for you!

Have you tried it? Know of any other clay products which are beneficial?


Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Hi Dianne,
    Fantastic! Yes, I have it first thing in the morning with some good water on an empty stomach 🙂

  2. Dianne

    I managed to buy some Zeolite at our healthstore today 🙂 Do you take it on a empty stomach?

  3. Melissa

    Thanks Sangeeta,
    Sounds interesting. It would be fabulous to hear about it more!

  4. Sangeeta vicky Neerunjun

    Dear Mel,

    This is really an interesting article. There is one product here and its organic from Nature’s Choice Brand called DETOXINOL imported from South Africa.
    I guess I’ll try it right away and will let you know. Take care.

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