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How to Do the Mayan Massage for Yourself – FREE Video Footage

I was asked to retake my previous video to show you how to do the Mayan Massage by a few subscribers. Unfortunately the quality of these just never seems to be quite right.

This is a simple technique you can use to help stimulate blood circulation to the uterus, a set of hot compresses can help you or going to a sauna,  try the best infrared saunas in this article. The more circulation you can give to the area, the more you will allow the good nutrients within your body to be delivered and of course for the toxins to be taken up and transported out of the area. Mayan Massage is a simple technique used by the Mayan people and really helps support good menstrual health and encourages a healthy pregnancy.

I took part in a weekend Mayan Massage course a few years ago in London, which really gave me a great insight on our uterine health but more importantly, how important it is to connect with our bodies and its natural health. One of the exercises was to connect with our uterus and really express all the emotions we may have held in the space for as long as we have.

This is a really simple technique, which we can follow and practice to connect with our Uterus. Instead of hating our bodies for having Endo, it is far more positive to connect and love our bodies and give it as much care as we can. The Mayan Massage is a super easy and wonderful way of doing this, twice a day.

Please watch the video to see how easy this technique is and how you can easily add this self care into your daily routine.

Let me know what you think of it and if you enjoyed the feeling of connecting with your uterus again.

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Joy Allison

    Hello Melissa,
    I enjoyed the video on Mayan abdominal massage you demonstrated on YouTube. I’ve been looking for something to help with fibroids and constipation.
    Are there more techniques?
    Also, I was confused when you said everything leaves the body on the right side of the belly-I thought it was the left side and we move everything out in a clockwise direction?

    Thanks and would love to hear from you !

  2. Lori

    Even if don’t have uterus would this help wth adhesions?

  3. Melissa

    Yes, it can be done every day 🙂

  4. Melinda

    Is this to be done everyday? Other uterine and ovary massages say to be done after menstruation and before ovulation but not during menstruation. Looking forward to trying this!

  5. Anonymous

    Should this massage be done during menstruation?

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