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Hysterectomy: Is this really a good last resort?


Every now and again I hear about a woman who has decided to have a hysterectomy. I think it saddens me because I know how much harm these have done to other women – I get to hear all the sad stories 😢.

I want to yell from the rooftops: “stop and just give it one proper go before you give up!”

Women are told that this disease can’t be cured and that their only real option is to just cut everything out. They are told that there are no choices and that adhesions will just keep growing and getting worse. Essentially, the message becomes: you are stuck with this pain, unless you have surgery to have it all taken out.

The problem with this is two fold:

Hysterectomy is not a cure for endometriosis

Remember that the rogue cells which are defined as endometriosis lesions are found OUTSIDE of the uterus. So, we are removing the uterus but this is not actually addressing the endometriosis itself. Those rogue cells are all over the OUTSIDE of uterus and in the abdominal cavity. Remember too: these are tiny, hard to spot cells.

As stated in a recent article in Teen Vogue:

The stats for having a hysterectomy aren’t great. This study showed a 62% recurrence rate of endometriosis.

Having a hysterectomy brings with it other considerations like how that will affect the rest of your health. Those womanly bits do a bunch of other things besides making babies and having your period. Women who have hysterectomies can have other health consequences that affect bone health, cardio vascular health and let us not forget about our sex drive. These all have an impact both physically and emotionally. You may have read about Lena Dunham and her extreme reaction to have a hysterectomy. But was it really necessary? Read more here.

I remember begging my gyni when I was 25years old, to just cut it all out but here’s what he said: that is very drastic. I am sure you can try some other options before resorting to that. I am so glad he said that, cos I wouldn’t be living pain free and with all my bits still inside. Read more insights

Your body put it there…

When you get a big fat pimple on your face. Do you need to have it surgically removed? Cut out at the deep level to stop it coming back? Or do you just wait a few days and it magically goes away? Your body clears it up for you… right?

The same is true with endometriosis. Your body created the lesions, so your body can uncreate it. As my saying goes:”Your body put it there, so your body can unput it there!”. The question shouldn’t be about how do I cut everything out but rather it should be:”How do I fix the imbalances that have created this disease?”.

Here’s the thing… disease of any kind is a display of an imbalance in the body. This could be a digestive imbalance, a kidney imbalance or poor liver function. There are a host of reasons for these imbalances but these can be corrected and healed. We just need the right tools and environment to give to the body so it can easily do that.

Disease is typically caused by two things: poor nutrition and toxin overload. In most cases with endometriosis we find both are true. Poor nutrition is also related to poor absorption. In most cases with endometriosis I also see gut imbalances. This in itself causes a toxin load on the body and particularly the liver.

So, your first point of call shouldn’t be to simply cut out lesions and adhesions on an ongoing basis but rather, ask yourself how to heal and correct those imbalances?

Here’s the thing that is hard to hear: cutting organs out, doesn’t fix those imbalances.

You need some of those to keep living!

How much are you going to keep cutting out before you surrender to the facts that your approach to health needs to change?

I know it can be hard to hear all of this when you had come to some kind of resolve that this was going to fix it all. I want to share a story of hope with you, to hopefully lift your mood a little…

A story of hope

Renee came to me wanting a hysterectomy as she was in daily pain. After joining our group program and following the recommendations from my program, she started to feel improvements after about 4 months. She took everything into account: replenished and shifted how she ate, moved her body more, addressed many of the stressors in her life, emotional struggles and did a number of healing cleanses within the program. After 9 months, she announced to us all that she was pregnant! I think just about everyone in the group cried with joy for her! We knew she had put so much love and care into her body and had invested so strongly in her belief to get well. It was honestly one of the most rewarding experiences I have had doing this work.

So when I read about women wanting to get hysterectomies, it feels sad to me. It feels sad because I have seen the miracles and amazing transformations women can have, just like Renee. I just hope you make the best decision for you and that it ultimately brings you joy and happiness.

What I do know is that your mind is very powerful and when you believe that there is no hope and your pain is getting worse, then unfortunately this becomes reality.

There is no harm to believe that healing is possible and that you can live pain and symptom free. Just please explore all your options.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Hugs sweetheart 😉

  2. Tracey

    Thank you Melissa ❤️

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