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Why Getting Rid of Ovaries, Taking Lupron and Hormone Treatments Don’t Work for Endometriosis

We often believe that if we manage to regulate our hormones in some way, if we can somehow get the balance between the estrogen and progesterone back into the normal range, that this will somehow reduce the Endometriosis growths. It is an easy assumption to make and one I made for many years too!

See, we know that the Endometriosis cysts and growths are triggered and fluctuate with our monthly cycle. We know that hormones cause this fluctuation. We are told that ultimately too much estrogen is the reason that the Endometriosis grows and becomes an issue. This is why doctors will often prescribe hormone treatments, in the hope that they can control those hormonal fluctuations and in turn, control the Endometriosis growth.

It is believed that if we cut out the areas where some of these hormones come from (our ovaries) that this will also stop the Endometriosis from growing.

What if there was more to it than that?

Having researched the work by Dr Redwine, I came across a statement he made where he explains how estrogen is actually found within the lesions of Endometriosis themselves and this explains why cutting out the ovaries or trying to regulate hormone imbalances with hormone treatments would be a pointless exercise.


Angela Kawakami-Wice. (09/2013). Typical Endometriosis treatment. http://www.endendoforever.com/tumbl

What is interesting about this statement is that Endometriosis is therefore not really a hormonal condition at all but it simply responds to hormones in the location of the uterus, because they happen to be there. It also dispels the myth that all our problems will be solved when we reach menopause!

I have always been hesitant to treat Endometriosis with hormone specific herbs or progesterone creams because this didn’t feel like we were getting to the root cause of the problem. It doesn’t address why the Endometriosis is there and why the body is not able to clean it out by itself. There are plenty of women with dispersed cells in the uterus but their bodies are able to clean them up.

Whatever that imbalance is, it is not hormonal and therefore our approach needs to be broader than just looking at hormones.

My suggestion is to look at a complete and holistic approach for Endometriosis, one which addresses the whole body, and search for specific imbalances, which may have caused Endometriosis. In my new program, I address all aspects of Endometriosis, beyond just hormones! I look at what nutritional imbalances may exist, what you can do physically to reduce pain and adhesion triggers and I also share insights on releasing the emotional ties we may hold with Endometriosis.

There is a way to safely manage Endometriosis that doesn’t require you to get it cut out, injected with hormones or live on painkillers.

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Leanne McGeachan

    I have recently been trying acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I feel the Acupuncture in particular has really helped with reducing the Period pain. What’s your thoughts on this method?
    Thanks Leanne

  2. Jenny

    Hi Melissa that was a very interesting article, thank you for sharing. I was told once started the menopause my symptoms would improve, I have not had a period for twelve months but still have lots of pain with my endometriosis, I feel this explains why.

  3. Paige Inman

    Great article Mel! What an eye opener! My friends/family have trouble understanding why I refuse a 3rd surgery or more hormonal treatments- this article sums it up perfectly.

  4. Melissa

    Big hugs Kristin. Have you tried Serrapeptase? It is a really wonderful supplements that makes a huge difference for Endometriosis. Sign up to my Make-Over and you will get heaps more insights.

  5. Kristin

    After reading this I’m so scared. I’m only 30 and all I have left is my left ovary. I have stage 4 endo, mild chronic inflammation, constant lower back pain, and severe complex cysts. I want to remove my ovary because I’m sick and tired of the pain. I’m tired of passing mucus when I flare up I’m tired of it all. Sadly my Dr said if they remove it the endo will still be there. I’m just tired of it all.

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