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The 3 Simple Keys to Good Health. If we do these three things, we are gonna feel better with Endometriosis!

Pregnancy with endometriosis

Sometimes we can get caught up in a massive overflow of information with this whole healing thing. It is easy enough to do. Contradictory information, all sorts of claims by various supplements, people claiming all sorts of cures….it can get overwhelming!

Thing is, it does come down to three simple things according to David Wolfe. 

1. Food – what we put in our mouths. That is everything we put in….drugs, drinks, food of any description, herbs and supplements we take. Realise how foods and things you take affect your health and your body. Recognise how they could be contributing to a bad overall result, which is not helping you heal. Recognise their impact and ask yourself, over time are they achieving your goal of feeling better? Recognise and block the things that don’t 🙂

2. Communication – what we say to ourselves and those around us. What energy we give out and what we take in. Be careful of absorbing the negative communication of others. It is super easy to get overwhelmed by negativity and being told “you can’t!” It is often their energy you are absorbing. Recognise and block 🙂

3. Relationships – these are the ones that are close to us. Those that love us and those that we love. Who do you choose to have in your life? Do they love you the way they should? Do they respect you? Do you feel connected? Treasure those that do and block the ones that don’t. Recognise when someone in your life is just not good – even if it is a relative or parent. That negative feeling they give you, will affect your health. Recognise and block 🙂


David describes it so well, in this video:



Do you notice that you feel better or worse around certain people in your life? Do your parents make you feel good or bad about yourself? your endo? What about your own communication to yourself? Is it positive? Do you put yourself down or build yourself up?

What about what you ate today? Is it reaching your goals of feeling better long-term? Is it just short-term gratification? Are you really giving your body the best that you can?

Hugs, Melissa x
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