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Discover the transformational REACH Technique© which is revolutionizing how women are treating their endometriosis.

Endo Sufferers...

are YOU sick of the conventional options for endo and
want a natural alternative to reduce your pain & symptoms?

Focus on the Root Cause

Quit using a band-aid solution to deal with endometriosis and finally get a proper game plan to stop the endo growing and creating more pain & symptoms. 

Stop wasting time and money

Finally do what works to get real, lasting and permanent relief. No more guesswork, heading in the wrong direction & potentially doing more harm than good. 

Tell me...

Do You worry that endometriosis is going to keep growing, keep causing you pain & limit your life even further?

Like everyday is a battle with pain, anxiety and worry on how much damage it is doing inside of you?

This was me at the height of an endo flare. I imagine you've felt this same way.

Perhaps You fear that if you don’t sort this out, your endo will get worse and you will live in pain forever?

Or you fear that you will just endure more and more surgery and eventually you won’t be able to function normally again...

Most of LIKELY fear that you will FOREVER be a prisoner to the endometriosis

Are you terrified that you will look back on your life and resent all the things you missed out on, because of the endo constantly getting in the way? You wish more than anything that you could be more present, have the energy to enjoy your life with your family & friends and actually have everything you wanted for your life. 

Having that pain just restricts who you truly want to be… that best mom, spouse and employee. You can’t seem to be here in the best version of yourself because the pain just won’t let up and you’re tired of letting people down and particularly when they don’t get it and you’re so alone with it all…

I get it

I'm Melissa. I’ve been there and I know the AGONY OF DEALING WITH ENDOMETRIOSIS...

I remember all the pain and suffering, the nights lying on the bathroom floor waiting for pain-killers to kick in, the exhaustion and being a complete victim to endometriosis. 

The feeling of “not being heard” by doctors who could only offer me pain-killers and more surgery. 

Being so frustrated by such limited options and feeling like I had no other choice but to put on a brave face and deal with the suffering or resort to another surgery. 

Here’s the thing… I found a way out. A permanent solution that does not include side-effects or taking more and more pain-killers or repeated surgeries.

I have found a way that actually addresses the endometriosis, rather than trying to merely deal with the consequences of it.

Yippee! No more surgery or taking synthetic hormone treatments!



Since sharing my journey I have become a leading expert on Endometriosis and share my knowledge to help women.

My work has been featured on MindBodyGreen, Fertility Friday, Endometriosis News, The Period Party, Empower Her, Blog Talk Radio and a host of other platforms. I have also been asked to speak at the Auckland Department of Internal Affairs and at South Pacific College of Natural Medicine. 

As seen in:


"I only experience one day of pain a month now!"

When I first found Endo Empowered, I couldn’t fathom that Melissa claimed she only had 1 day of pain. I was like the rest of you, buckled over in agonising pain for weeks at a time and my prescription pain meds couldn’t touch it! Well, as I’ve followed her advice, I have watched my pain diminish over the year. I just had my very first “ONLY 1 DAY OF PAIN!” cycle and the pain was so minimal I didn’t do anything for it. 


"Baby girl after four attempts"

In October 2010, to our disbelief, we found out we were pregnant for a fourth time. I fought my entire pregnancy against gestational diabetes and eventually beat it, so I could deliver via waterbirth using hypnobirthing method (which is also a good method for managing endometriosis pain) for a pain-free deliver! On July 19th, 2011 our daughter was born. Beautiful and healthy. 


"my body feels normal again! Less pain, better sleep, more energy..."

I feel as if I have invested time and energy into my body and it has paid me back with amazing dividends! I have only 1 – 2 days of pain in a month now. I have more energy, feel less brain fogginess, and can sleep so much better. My body feels toned and is in healthier shape, plus my skin and hair look and feel so much better. I finally feel in control of myself and in charge of how I feel! Truly feel empowered!


"Endometrioma shrunk!"

I tried everything to shrink it – Lupron, 3 surgeries, Zoladex (GnRH antagonists) but nothing worked! Finally I connected with Melissa and she shared her insights on how to get rid of the endometrioma and it worked! There could be a lot of information on nutrition and supplements for endometriosis on the internet, but consulting with Melissa gave me a ray of hope to believe firstly in my ability to heal and that joyful optimism towards the goal.


"Specialist surgery didn't help but mel's program did!"

I experienced terrible pain, huge anxiety, pelvic floor dysfunction, heart palpitations and strange bleeding patterns. I was truly freaking out! I went to see a specialist surgeon, performed excision surgery but the pain returned within a year. I was lucky enough to join Melissa’s REACH beyond Endo program and it has changed my life. I have reduced pain, my anxiety is gone, and I finally feel in control and truly empowered over endometriosis. 


"I got over pain, depression, and low energy"

I struggled with daily pain and unbelievably low energy and mood. Once I overcame my low energy, my mood instantly lifted and I also found that suddenly my endometriosis and pain levels became more manageable. I used to experience daily pain and now I experience none! I finally have control over my body! 



I know how scary it can feel to trust in someone again

I know you have probably been down a long road with endometriosis already. A road that has lead you down many different paths and likelihood is, those paths didn’t result in any improvement in your pain or symptoms or you wouldn’t be here right now. I get that. I get how scary it can feel to trust in someone again, especially when you have been let down so many times before. 

Here is what I can tell you:

I have endured endometriosis. The advice I am sharing has come from personal experience. Not from some textbook or some medical doctor who has no idea what endometriosis actually feels like. I have been through endometriosis. I know the struggle and I also know how debilitating it can be. I also know what it takes to actually get out of it. I know what it feels like to have the hope, the trying and ultimately succeeding at living life without endometriosis pain or symptoms. 

I am here to hold your hand to get you to the place where endometriosis no longer dominates your life. 

I created a way that I can share my knowledge with you from anywhere in the world:


The Endo Empowered Academy

98% of women who've joined have experienced an
improvement in their pain & symptoms with endometriosis in 6 months or less!

"only 3 months after WORKING WITH MELISSA, the cyst WAS GONE!"

One year ago doctors found a cyst on my ovary, I was in an emergency room with a woman who had endometriosis and was there for hysterectomy. I was told that maybe I had the same thing as that woman, so I cried A LOT. I was lost, confused, sad and angry and was trying to get to terms with having this condition that I didn’t know much about.

I went to many doctors and all of them told me that I MUST go through surgery but I wanted to at least try the holistic way. A friend of mine who has endo showed me Melissa’s site. I was a little bit hesitant if this will work so my boyfriend told me that I should try it anyway and no matter the outcome I will say it out loud.

This turned out to be the best decision, only three months after I started the program the cyst WAS GONE. It just shrunk completely(cyst was originally 1.5cm). For me what Melissa is doing for women like us is priceless!

- Valentina Haralamieva
It is time...

The Endo Empowered Academy will finally allow you to
live pain & symptom free...

Total. Freedom.

You deserve to live pain & symptom free

You are a strong and determined woman and you don’t deserve to constantly be suffering because of endometriosis.

I believe in YOUR ability to HAVE an uninhibited life so you don’t have to compromise in your health, your social life or your greatest dreams.

Are you ready for the academy?

Uncover the technique that has improved the lives of 1000's of women around the world

You’re going to know exactly what to eat, what supplements to take and what herbal remedies actually shrink endometriosis lesions & cysts. I have taken years of research and funnelled it down to the most targeted and effective strategies that work. This gets you results faster and you’ll stay motivated to keep using them as you’ll finally feel better & have less symptoms and pain. 

"I was about to get a hysterectomy and now i'm pregnant!"

I dealt with nausea, bloating, painful sex, diarrhea, painful menstruation and painful ovulation almost every day of the month, and it got worse after endo surgery. It was getting where I did not want to go out and do things and it dampened everything I did. I couldn’t enjoy living life to the fullest, so much so that I told my husband I couldn’t do this anymore. I wanted a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy is what my OB/GYN told me was the only option to be pain free.

Then I discovered Melissa and her program and I can tell you that it truly works!! My cyst/endometrioma shrunk and I am pregnant now, when I was diagnosed with infertility and couldn’t get pregnant for 3 years. I live this natural and holistic approach that really works to get to the root of the problems…without surgery or hormone medicine. The docs suggested I get on lupron and I’m so glad I didn’t!! I found Melissa’s program instead. 

I am so thankful.

- Renee Palmer
Life changing

Ladies, this stuff is life changing. Are you ready for it?

"Symptom free for six years! And we have a baby girL! I had given up on fertility."

I didn’t even know what was wrong with me other than I was in horrendous pain, getting worse, and no doctors would take me seriously. I could barely walk, couldn’t sleep and gained fifty pounds in six months with a huge bloated abdomen. I would crumble to the floor in agony at times and wished I would just die, as I was hardly able to function in life anymore. 

After I finally was diagnosed, I ended up having three surgeries in three years until I decided enough was enough.

Thanks to you sharing your experience and knowledge, I have been symptom free for over six years. The best part of all is last February I gave birth to a baby girl! I had completely given up on fertility, and was ok with it. My husband and I were shocked and amazed with our wonderful blessing of a child.

You, Melissa, are one of the crusaders for this global change, and I am forever grateful to you. I feel like you are a personal friend, even though we have never met. You have helped me to achieve health, which has been a gift to not only me but my family, and I am so thankful to you.

- Amber Fuller


Together we will address endometriosis by providing the perfect environment for healing

1. Replenish

MODULE #1: Replenish with nutrition



3. affirm

MODULE 3: affirm love for yourself & your body



5. Help/sUPPORT


Total value: $3800.00


Symptom Solvers

You also get access to these specific programs for solving immediate symptoms


Finally get the concept of using food as medicine in this fast, fun and easy 30 day meal plan. It’s all done for you and women are amazed at the results!

Valued at over $99

program #2: Shrink my cysts

Shrink ovarian and endometrial cysts in 60 days or less using my Nourish, Nurture & Cleanse Method ™

Valued at over $1800

Bonus Offers...

Plus these free bonuses included to make it easy and fun!

Bonus #1: The Endo Empowered RECIPE LIBRARY

Get access to Mel’s recipe library with over 200 recipes, all designed to help nourish your body, is app friendly, shopping friendly and makes eating healthy a synch. *Updated monthly

bonus #2: EAT ENDO HAPPY

Get all the recipes that have helped me – in one easy to follow recipe book – with pictures!

Valued at over $27


You don’t have to feel alone anymore! Melissa will be available every month to answer questions and support you.

 ** Currently available to all new & existing members!

Valued at over $1000

"I now have the energy to play with my children and the ability to travel more often."

I refused the Lupron treatment suggested by my gynecologist and told her I would find natural ways to heal. One night I was crying from the pain and prayed to God to send me an angel.

I began typing words into the search engine online and Melissa’s website popped up. As I read her story and what she was doing to help women, my tears stopped. I knew she was my Endo Angel!

I started studying and investigating all I could about endometriosis and began implementing everything I could.

I am now able to function. I can hold down a job without worrying about missing multiple days due to my cycle. I have the energy to play with my children and the ability to travel more often. My stress level has also decreased drastically.

- Larissa Hammond

Your body feels healthy. whole. calm.

You recognise the knowledge that your body can be well. And that you have achieved everything in a way that truly aligns with you.

No more second best options. No more putting synthetic things into your body that didn’t feel right. No more risky surgeries and putting your body through that torture.

Best of all, you feel empowered because the endo is under control and you know THIS time it will stay that way. You now have the tools to keep it away forever and you will never have to rely on anyone or anything to keep it under control again.

You CAN have the health you deserve and on your terms. You can handle this naturally. It all starts here.

Not alone

You don’t have to figure this out on your own

When I decided to turn to natural methods, it took me 5 years before I really shifted the pain. After researching nothing but endometriosis for over 10 years, I have a heap of knowledge to share with you and have a deeper understanding of the condition because I have personally lived through it.

I went back to study Natural Medicine to truly understand endometriosis and how to address endometriosis from a holistic approach.

I have spent:

You do NOT need to spend this much time and money on getting to the bottom of this, because the Academy has you covered.


Is this program right for you?

This is not designed for everyone and might not be right for you at this moment either.

I’ll be teaching you how to truly shift endometriosis and how to achieve lasting results using completely natural alternatives. This requires commitment and dedication. It is about committing to truly providing for your body to activate its own healing powers.

If you are not ready to step up to that yet, if you are still seeking that miracle pill to take it all go away and you’re not prepared to do the physical and emotional work to achieve the results, then maybe you are not quite ready for this program at this time. 

healing is possible. let's do this...

"I am able to enjoy my life again. My anxiety has disappeared because I feel like I'm in control again"

Before I connected with Melissa, it was pretty rough. I was in pain 3 out of 4 weeks of the month, I was scared and anxious about the given options. I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. I was too embarrassed to explain why I was in pain or why I missed events and outings because my period was so heavy that I feared having an accident. 

I was also confused and upset because I wanted to start a family and I was told that it would never happen without having surgery first and even then my greatest chance would be through IVF. It was hard on our relationship because I felt like I was broken and it was all my fault that things weren’t working out. 

Finding Melissa was like opening a window in a stuffy dark room and a refreshing breeze is finally let in with the warmest Ray’s of sunshine. It refueled my hope that was holding on my a thread!

I used to have fibroids and they “magically” disappeared after just beginning to implement some of the things in the program (eliminating processed foods, drinking herbal teas, eating more veggies, etc..)

I was amazed at how my pain shifted and reduced significantly. I used to be in pain 3 out of the 4 weeks in the month and now I only have dull cramps during my period for 3 or 4 days, and then depending upon my stress levels and food intake I have no more than 5 or 6 days of moderate pain.

I’m still a work in progress but there is progress and every month that goes by, the pain reduces further. I will be sticking to this amazing program as I now have hope I will become pregnant without the surgery.

I am able to enjoy my life again, to go out, to make plans, to not worry about being embarrassed. My anxiety has disappeared because I feel like I’m in control again!

- Marianne Scopick
frequent q's

Not sure if this is for you? Let me guide you…

If you are currently on the pill, then I recommend staying on it until you have completed at least 2 months of the dietary adjustments from within the program to better support your body during this time.

The program gives you nutritional advice based on researched documentation. It doesn’t stipulate any specific diet and can easily be adjusted to fit in with whatever diet you wish to follow. I do however advise that you have bloodwork checked to ensure that you are nutritionally getting everything you need from your diet. 

I’ve designed this to be easy and straight forward. I give you the techniques that have worked and I’ve taken the guesswork out for you – that cuts time and all that trial and error you would personally go through. You have access to everything and go at it at any pace that feels comfortable to you.

The great news is that you haven’t tried this. Chances are you have been getting bits and pieces and tried to build the perfect picture of health. Chances are… you have been missing some vital pieces in there.

I know this because I was missing some within my own healing journey and it was only once I found them, that I could truly shift the endometriosis.

For example, have you explored all avenues of food? How it can act as medicine for your body? Do you know about foods which specifically reduce endometriosis lesions and adhesions? Have you explored the emotional side of endometriosis? The ties to pain on certain sides of your body? Have you looked into the toxins which are limiting your health? Have you effectively cleared them from your body?

I am willing to bet that if you haven’t gotten the results you want, then you’re missing some crucial components that could truly shift this for you, and it’s included in this program.

The program is designed with considerations of different cultures, locations and what foods you have access to. 

Of course, many of the recipes include foods which I have access to here in New Zealand however, you are given an understanding of what foods to eat and why you want to eat them – this gives you the means to learn and find other foods which you may have in your country which can provide those nutritional benefits. 

It is not about the individual foods (like blueberries for instance) but understanding what their purpose is and how they ultimately nourish your body. You can then go on a food adventure and seek to find those foods in your country. 

Yes, it is all online.You can access everything from your computer, iPad or smartphone. You can participate from anywhere in the world. Payment is taken in US Dollars. You don’t need a US Credit card, your bank will automatically adjust and calculate the amount in US Dollars.

Melissa offers different support options for you, depending on what you feel you need. 

As part of the Endo Empowered Academy, you will get access to our online community chat support space and you can ask questions in the comments section of the program.  

Melissa also offers the additional support option through live Q&A calls where we connect through live meetings rooms on Zoom from time to time. These are held on Zoom on a month to month basis. 

As soon as you put through your payment details and everything is confirmed, you will instantly receive an email with all the log in details.

Once you get into the programs you will discover just how much wonderful information and how many resources are available to you. The great news is that you are given an education on your health, which means you can pick and choose when and what to implement based on where you are at within your journey. You can do this at your own pace. 

We also run challenges and have set programs to give you more specific instruction if you prefer that.

There is no time restriction on your access to the programs or the material within your members area. You have lifetime access for the life of Endo Empowered.

I KNOW you will get results if you implement what is inside the program with your full commitment. We held nothing back in creating the Endo Empowered Academy for you and are giving you all the tools and support you need to have the shortest and most amazing outcome. 

However, if after you have implement everything I suggest within the program and you still don’t see an improvement in your pain or symptoms, then I will happily give you back your money. If I can’t help you, then I would want to know why I wasn’t able to help and learn and grow from that experience, so I will likely request a meeting with you to discuss this all with you. 

Of course I can appreciate that we are all different and that results may vary. Key thing though… you do need to do what I recommend.

If you are after a quick fix and aren’t prepared to take responsibility for your diet, lifestyle and mindset around your health. If you don’t wish to get truly empowered on what can be done and are still looking for a miracle quick pill – you won’t find it here.

This takes dedication and real shifts to see results. A holistic approach is about considering all areas of your life and goes beyond diet and exercise and a bunch of supplements.

Only join if you are sick of being a victim to endometriosis and actually want to make the changes to achieve real empowerment.

Let's go

you can change your situation

I don’t want to see you again a year from now, still struggling with the same symptoms and still in pain. Still trying to figure this out. I don’t want you to keep suffering through this. There are answers and they are within the Endo Empowered Academy.

You have an opportunity to take control of this. It is here. Right now. Why wait?

Join us

Total value: $5726.00

Your investment: Only $197.00 USD

Instant Access

Endo Empowered Academy
$ 58 4 monthly payments
  • Life Freedom
  • Trust in your body
  • Quit pain & suffering

Instant Access

Endo Empowered Academy
$ 197 Pay in full and save $35
  • Life Freedom
  • Trust in your body
  • Quit pain & suffering
Best Value

Limited time offer!

"Endo Empowered taught me that doctors are not always right - and it became a lifesaver for me"

My life before following the advice through Endo Empowered was one filled with lots of pain and denial.

I had been on the contraceptive pill and came off it when my husband and I wanted to conceive. I began bleeding heavily with intercourse and developed severe cramps. I went back on the contraceptive pill but the pain came back.

I discovered Endo Empowered and it became a lifesaver for me. Endo Empowered was the gateway to me making diet changes, stress reduction, and adding supplements which have all helped to minimize my endo pain.

Because of Endo Empowered, I learned to do my own research and know that while doctors are helpful, they are not always right and to be an advocate for myself.

- Mireya
To Recap


Over $5000 worth of value for only a couple hundred dollars

Why is this so affordable & why should you join?

My mission with creating this platform has always been to help women to feel better with having endometriosis and I believe that the methods I share within the Academy will help you achieve that naturally and without side-effects. 

By making this program more affordable, my goal is that the message will spread and more and more women will join, which thereby allows me to help more women. Win, win!

"less pain, less anxiety about my body, and I Haven't missed work in two months!"

I was literally low on hope and with no expectation that I would ever get better. I was in so much pain and missing work 1-2 days per bleed, as well as suffering with pain around ovulation or randomly throughout the month. Some of the worst pain I had ever experienced was literally the day I found Melissa and the Endo Empowered resources. They gave me so much hope from reading the first blog post and seeing her website. That I could find help and healing without surgery was truly a blessing!

Benefits for me include reducing pain, feeling hope again, feeling less anxiety. My pain doesn’t last nearly as long as it used to and I haven’t missed work in 2 months (and I used to miss work monthly). I feel hopeful that I will someday go an entire month/cycle without feeling any pain at all and that hope was lost for years before I found Melissa and Endo Empowered. I also feel less anxious about my body and the pain I was experiencing.

I finally notice that my body isn’t a failure, it is just trying to help me notice things around me and inside of me. If I can listen with curiosity and not judgment, I gain so much more insight and trust!

© Endo Empowered Ltd.