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Corinna Springer Shares Her Story and New Book Release!

Corinna Springer found my blog over a year ago. She has since been on a massive journey of self-discovery and has learnt about how to effectively heal her body, through making better choices in her lifestyle and diet. She has also grown through her life experience and has recorded her spiritual growth in her book. Though the book doesn’t focus on endometriosis specifically, I felt that it reflects many of the thoughts I believe make it easier to deal with endometriosis.

We are on a journey through healing our bodies. This journey can be filled with disappointments and struggles and often wondering if we are ever going to feel better. Corinna’s book delves into a deeper sense of self and discovery and I believe it would greatly help you to alter your perspective on endometriosis. It allows you to have faith that things happen for a reason and that the learning you are gaining far outreaches the pains you have experienced.

I recorded a wonderful interview with Corinna via Skype. You can listen to it by hitting play on the video button below.


You can read more about her book or order it online through Amazon for only $12.00.

Just click on this link:

An Intuitive Study of Reality

Corinna would be more than willing to answer any questions you have about her book or anything you would like to know about her journey.

Hugs, Melissa x
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