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Pain with Endometriosis

[Poem] The Endo Weeds

Weeds… We pull them out as they decided to plant themselves in the wrong place. Taking over what we want to have growing in that specific location. We spend hours weeding, removing, extracting something which we believe to be wrong

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Endo Sucks! I just want …

Having had to live through over 15 years of endo pain and all it’s related symptoms, I get what endometriosis is all about. I get that it hurts. I get that no-one really gets it. I get that feeling of

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I Call BS on These 5 Lies about Endometriosis!

In my online support group for women with endometriosis, it horrifies me sometimes to read the suggestions and opinions shared with women by doctors and surgeons. Yes, endometriosis is a confusing and challenging condition to treat but when I hear these recommendations,

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