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5 Silly Techniques to Reduce Those Nasty Sugar Cravings!

For those of you who follow my blog regularly, you know that my biggest weakness in life is… chocolate. I have done a few silly articles on my terrible chocolate addiction! Well, this annoying problem seems to have surfaced in my life again and I am having those terrible chocolate cravings again!

It is kinda self explanatory… (this is my excuse and I am sticking to it!)

James and I have done another big move! We are now in London and here to stay! We have been doing the whole “new life thing” for the last two weeks—you know the deal… new job, new home and new friends! It is fun but it is also incredibly taxing on one’s nerves—lots of hoping and wishing for the good stuff to all happen! Well, this unnerving feeling creates a tendency for me to crave something to calm me down… so inevitably the chocolate bar lands up running through the scanner at the till.

Tonight, I resisted the urge at the supermarket to buy that delicious looking coconut milk filled chocolate but… THEN… I was sitting here a few hours ago, completely craving chocolate!

Well, with limited options for relief, I had to be creative in how I was going to solve this problem… Here are my silly techniques:


1. Suck on a lemon! 

I know this is the last thing you feel like when you crave chocolate but hey, it was easy to find in my fridge and I was willing to try anything! So, here I am sitting on the couch, sucking on a lemon. It honestly has worked! Just try it!


2. Go outside and stick your toes in the ground

This is actually scientifically proven to make a massive difference to our health—it is not as silly as it sounds. But, by doing this, we essentially ground ourselves and it calms you down. I instantly feel more settled and calm—the real cause of that chocolate craving.


3. Dance around the living room

Yes, I know you want me to show you the video! This is truly the most ridiculous thing you can do to curb the chocolate craving and if you have flatmates—they think you are totally nuts! But it is honestly the biggest fun and you will feel such a sense of relief and that childish happy feeling!


4. Massage your feet, or even better, get someone else to do it

This is actually a proven healing method—you know… reflexology. However, it does wonders for chocolate cravings! The best is to find the Qi spot between the big toe and the second toe. When you massage the whole foot, you will calm your nerves and possibly realign the reason for the craving in the first place.


5. Breathe like you are in labor!

You know that short bursting breathing I am talking about? Just do quick short breaths and then play with longer holding breaths. It is all about defocusing, calming the mind and most importantly getting the natural flow going.

I know these are totally silly and there are some more legitimate ways to reduce the sugar cravings! Here is an abbreviated list, if you feel like being more serious about it: coconut kefir, fenugreek seeds and coconut oil.


What do you do when you crave sweets, chocolate, etc? What do you crave the most?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Anonymous

    I make “skinny chocolate” from Trim Healthy Mama- ground up Stevia, cocoa, coconut oil & a pinch of mineral salt. Sometimes I add liquid chlorophyll for a minty taste or some peanut butter. Yum!

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